Manuel Antonio National Park Travel Package

Manuel Antonio National Park Travel Package

Live a memorable Costa Rica Vacation in a stunning National Park. You have the chance to get an insight of the plentiful wildlife and visit the stunning beaches with this Manuel Antonio National Park Travel Package.

After a short and scenic drive to the north which offers an amazing view you arrive in Quepos and eventually the quaint town of Manuel Antonio.
While getting familiar with the gorgeous beaches and the warm and crystal clear waters you can experience spectacular views of the coral reef while snorkeling or you have the chance to take sail on a catamaran, feeling the soft blow of the tropical air, watching the memorable sunset and with some luck spotting a green turtle passing by towards the coral white sand.
To get your first impressions of the abundance of the Manuel Antonio National Park, local Biologist and Naturalist guides invite you to a hike in this unique National Park making sure you see as much as possible of the abundant wildlife in its natural habitat on your Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Vacation. Being situated directly in the National Park, Manuel Antonio offers the opportunity to explore the lush rainforest with its overflowing possibilities: Spotting the Howler and Spider Monkeys, hearing the Toucans flapping by or walking right next to a Sloth that sleeps in a tree.
One of the highlights of your Manuel Antonio National Park Vacation will be the visit of the famous Cathedral Point that was once an island and is now connected to the mainland by a thin strip of landmass. This natural bridge leads the way to two of the National Park’s most famous beaches, Playa Espadilla Sur and Playa Manuel Antonio, both exquisite places to bring your Manuel Antonio National Park Travel Package to perfection: If you stand at one of those beaches on the island, you feel like you are thousands of miles away from the rest of the world.

This Destination Travel Package can be combined with other Destination Packages. For Reservations and more information on the Manuel Antonio Travel Package, please contact us.

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